Ice & Pine

We recently had the first snow of 2016 in the Portland/Vancouver area, and in true Pacific Northwest fashion, finished the storm off with a round of freezing rain.  Driving to work and around town I noticed many trees fallen and limbs down – arborists were busy today I’m sure!

On the college campus where I work, we have a monstrous redwood tree that towers over our administration building – it’s a giant, and I’m grateful with each wind storm that it doesn’t lose more branches than it does or topple over in the rain-soaked ground we often have!

Below the tree today was a remnant of frozen rain ice pellets mixed with snow and a very cool texture of cedar twigs and cones over the top. Technically, a cedar is not a pine like my title suggests, but it definitely made for a great Christmas season photo!  I’ve cropped these into desktop and iPhone sizes for a nature / winter background offering – enjoy!

(click the link below for your appropriate device size/resolution, and save the image on the redirected page)

Desktop Backgrounds



iPhone Backgrounds




One thought on “Ice & Pine

  1. Great photo, Jeremy! It will definitely make a perfect background. Also, so great to see you post something again! I always enjoyed reading your articles 🙂

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